Rubies? What the heck is that?
— Jessica meeting The Rubies

Jessica Flyn is a vampire and is the founder of The Vampires.She and Iris were the first to be introduced.

Jessica Flyn

Jessica 1

Gloss Angeles
13 April
Age (At first appearance)
Emmett (boyfriend)
  • Jason (Ex-boyfriend)
Basic vampire abilities
  • Enhanced beauty
  • Self-control
Connor (brother)

Emilia (sister)
Dilia (mother)

Ray (father)


Being the founder of the group, Jessica is always the one that steps forward and is not scared in defeating anyone.She is known to be the strongest in Vampire Institute.Her powers are strong and always weakens the enemy, She usually trains with her brother Connor and teaches it to the rest of her group too.

She hates people that try to be too friendly towards her and ask too many personal questions,despite that her powers are strong they are hard to control as well.She has to take extra training classes to train herself to the best of her abilities.She is always perfect in every class and performs well in their spells or potion tests.Her signature colors are yellow and aqua and her best friend is Iris.

Jessica has one brother called Connor and no other siblings.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jessica is described to be really beautiful with blond hair and fair skin, as Emmett once calls her angel in one episode, She wears jeans and T-shirt with her white necklace.


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In Season 1, Jessica is training with her best friend Iris in the forest, while The Rubies are taking a walk in the forest, They hear a big blast and run to see what it was, They find Iris and Jessica fighting, Jessica fires a black ray at Iris and after there training is finished, The Rubies step forward and ask why they were fighting.

Due to the fact, They were vampires Jessica replies rudely and flies off to Vampire Institute, The Rubies were eager to find out why they were flying without wings and find out on the internet, They sneak into Vampire Institute but bump into Jessica and Iris, They fight and Iris gets injured and Jessica controls the rest of the fight. She fights Melanie and after that The Rubies leave Vampire Institute due to injuries.


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Transformation SequencesEdit

Jessica 1


Birthday: 13 April
Hobbies: Being alone?
Ideal boyfriend: Emmett Cullens
Favorite things: Cupcakes (Don't tell The Vampires!)
Favorite books: The Vampire's Wish
Best friend:Iris


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  • Her boyfriend name is 'Emmett'. Kellan Lutz plays the role in Twilight as Emmett as well.
  • When the series were being made, Jessica was with glasses however, when it developed the glasses got removed to make her face look more lively.
  • Due to the fact, Jessica is beautiful, which is probably why one of her spells are called 'Enchanced Beauty'.
  • Both Jessica and Emmett belong to Gloss Angeles.
  • She is best friends with Iris.
  • Despite the fact that she likes to be alone, she made The Vampires.