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[Scene shows The Rubies]

Melanie: It wasn't my fault!
Aria:It WAS!!
Melanie:Why do you think that miss goody- goody?
Aria:Oh! I think I don't remember who wanted to go to Vampire INSTITUTE!
Avelina:We could have been dead!
Melanie:But, I did save you all! Besides, I was thinking to go there again, you guys got any plans?
[The Rubies stare at her]
Melanie:Your faces! No were not going
Diamond:Well, I won't care whether you want too or not, you're just awful!
Melanie:Shut it!
Aria:You shut it! (Steps forward and slaps Melanie)
[Everyone stands silently and stares, Melanie leaves the room banging the door]
Avelina:I am not sure you should have done that..
Aria:How else could I have done it?
Diamond:She won't be talking to us for long now..
Serena:I am not sure, she will do something more awful, For example she might spoil our homework, phone our boyfriends and tell them we're breaking up or blow up our experiment.
Diamond:I feel bad, We shouldn't have done that with Mel.
Aria:Well I don't, I am actually glad I did that
Avelina:Well it wasn't ALL her fault, We wanted to go too.
Diamond:Let's find the Vampire Institute Website and check if something is new!
[They switch on the Computer]
Aria:Oh God! Look it's all over it, The Rubies broke into Vampire Institute and were defeated by our Vampires and look there's another news A New Vampire Katherine will soon be joining the Community.
Diamond:Is that another enemy now?
Aria:I think so..
Avelina:We better be ready
Serena:Can we find Melanie, now?
[Everyone goes to find Melanie]

[Shows Melanie in the forest]
Melanie:It wasn't even my fault! They wanted to go to!
Melanie:I have no idea what to say!
Melanie:Let's see if I can contact my friend in Vampire Institute
Melanie:Contact Selina!
[Creates a window-like thing to talk to her friend Selina]
Melanie:Hello Selina?
Selina:Hey Mel!
Melanie:Hey Sel!
Selina:So what's up? How's college and the group?
Selina:You look down, Mel.
Melanie:Well (explains the whole story of them going to Vampire Institute)
Selina:So you SNEAKED in? of
Selina:What do you mean kind of? You could have got killed! Jessica and Iris are the most meanest Vampires in this college! and they are seniors!
Melanie:Well, we met them in the forest, fighting..
Selina:They weren't FIGHTING! They were training, don't you know Jessica? she trains with her brother Connor, and whatever she learns teaches it to her group too!
Melanie:Whoa! We thought they were!
Selina:Well, they weren't.
Melanie:So, the my group blames it was all my fault, of going there and getting them into trouble as well.
Selina:Well, you know what? Simply, say yes, I agree it is my fault, but forget the past, eh?
Melanie:Thanks Selina!
Selina:Alright bye now! My spell class is starting!
Melanie:Message me if you need anything!
Selina:I sure will!

[The scene shows The Rubies trying to find Melanie]
Aria:Where has she gone?
Diamond:Shut it!
Avelina:Calm down..
Diamond:I LOST my best friend and you tell me to calm down?
Ariana:Guys! guys! It's alright, we'll find Melanie! (puts her hand in Diamonds)
Serena:And say sorry
Avelina:(folds her arms) Well....
[Melanie appears]
Diamond: MELANIE! (hugs her)
Melanie:Sorry guys.... you know that plan I made
All the group:We're sorry too!
Melanie:Aww! Thanks for forgiving me!
[The girls do a group hug]
Avelina:So what do we plan to do?
Aria:Well, we could go to some other place like ...
Melanie:Guess what? I just heard that a brand new hotel is opening somewhere near Magix, so I thought?
Ariana:Can we go stay there?
Avelina:What about the payments?
Serena:All the Magical Teenage College students go free in any kind of hotel around Magix
Avelina:Oh yes! I forgot
Diamond:So Melanie, What's it called?
Melanie:Grand Magic! (shows her phone on Google Images)
Diamond:Oh yes! So pretty!
Aria:So, shall we pack up?
[Scene shows The Rubies at Grand Magic Hotel]
Serena:Something makes me feel that this place isn't right
Melanie:Oh shut up! We are going to have a lovely time! (spinning around showing her lovely brown hair)
Serena:Yes yes laugh, laugh all you want, because soon there won't be any time left! Miss know it all! (whispering)